Common question

About the facilities in the hall, facilities

Q1.The time for check-in and check-out?
As for the check-in, the check-out is 10:00 at 15:00. I would like it to finish check-in (it varies according to the plan) by 18:00 at the latest. When it becomes later than 18:00, I would like communication. (the person knowing it is happy beforehand when I will report at the time of a reservation)

About how to wear yukatas

When I do not understand how to wear yukatas, a person in charge asks to the room.

About barrier-free

Our hotel does not have an elevator and the facilities of the visitor of the wheelchair. Because you guide a good room of the convenience beforehand if you can ask it, please contact me by all means.

About an application, payment

Q1.Is the credit card available?
The available credit card company can use VISA,Master,DC,UC. In the case of the use, please offer a card to prior (at the time of reservations) by all means.

Q2.Does it take cancellation fee?
I would like it to confirm under the staying plan or an article. But I would like it because there is it when I exempt you from an equal cancellation fee when transportation is completely intercepted by natural disasters to tell it about a reason if it is possible.

About a bath

Q1.Is it a natural hot spring?
There is not our hotel in the natural hot spring.

Q2.Is the bath 24 hours?
I can take a bath in the morning at night from 6:00 until 11:00.

Q3.Does a bathhouse have shampoo?
I enter the conditioner in the bathhouse of the hotel and shampoo my hair, and a body soap, a dressing table have a dryer. The toothbrush towel bath towel take the thing of the room.

About a meal

Q1.Is a meal room foods?
The dinner becomes the room or other private room food basically. I prepare for the breakfast basically in dining together ground. When it becomes the room on account of this, there is it. A group, the visitor of the group become the banquet room.

About a parking lot, means of transportation

Q1.The pickup?
It becomes the pickup from Waguura. Because you may not cope, please make a reservation beforehand.

Q2.Is there the parking lot?
I prepare for a free parking lot. In addition, about an accident or the theft in the parking lot, I ask for management correspondence in visitors. A person in charge takes a car. The parking after the check-out is possible, but give me a voice cliff before check-in to the word front desk.

Other questions

Q1.Can you stay with a pet?
I'm sorry, sir, but the entrance that I come to accompany a pet is not accepted firmly. Approve. As for the car day by car, it is possible. Of the pet hotel of the neighborhood introduce me.

Accommodation basic information