Voice of the hotel guest

It became late, but was taken care of the other day. I had you hear the cooking method of the lobster which you matched with place where arrival became horizontal at the very beginning if a companion had a stomach ache, worry and that of stomach expressly and, thank you, did a state. The person looked forward to when I would want to eat sashimi next year, but there was not the length by the all possible measures and regretted it when not able to all eat. (but I ate the sashimi of the lobster with pleasure.) I ate the boiled fish which the length returned the next day and was not able to attach a handle to yesterday by good seasoning if delicious. Of course I am proficient in the miso soup of the lobster! I am one bird-watching society after getting up in the pond in front of the inn. I heard the cry of bamboo partridge in Japanese white-eye, spotbill duck, green-winged teal, pochard, bluebill, shoveler, brown-eared bulbul, it near what this year. I did not think that I listened to the cry of bamboo partridge here. Wild bird enthusiast is lucky if I listen to the cry of bamboo partridge! Shinwa tool Zhuang very has many repeaters to understand that do not look at a note. I think that only it is the evidence that everybody is thought to be attractive. The photograph of HP which there was few is enriched very much when I compare it from those days when I was taken care of for the first time, and the ranking maintains a high rank and is glad for a self-styled regular customer. After having left the hotel, I stopped at Toba Aquarium and returned. See you next year (how many years does it become the eyes?) Thank you.

Check-in became slow and had troubled you, but had you meet it warmly on that day. I stopped the motorcycle in the place with the roof and did not get it wet openly. I had all the dish according to reputation deliciously. Only in the hotel where the good feeling can have the employee very much brightly. I stayed at the various hotels, but there is satisfaction more than a price and is a hotel thinking that I want to stay by all means on the next time so far.

As I said the dish inn where I stayed consecutively at in the golf trip with the same period of the company, a dish was delicious without incompleteness! I was overwhelmed with emotion in size and the freshness of an abalone and the lobster, a taste. A lot of local ingredients were employed as well as it particularly a shellfish and a fish were impressed personally. How many great men wrote it, too, but everybody was satisfied with quantity so that a stomach was almost burst. I had you make the meal of the second day a different one with the first day and was glad of the slight consideration when I had a rice ball for a midnight snack. To be frank, the real meal is great than I look in HP and imaged it. The place is far from the sightseeing spot a little, but a course is arranged and does not suffer that much to Ise or Toba at time. Father can tame that a lot of signatures of the celebrity are given glory to indeed. I want to call again by all means.

I came to eat at this time that abalone and both lobsters could eat it. I saw the sea from a delicious lobster and an abalone, the room and was able to spend it slowly. The miso soup of the lobster of the next morning is really delicious. I always look forward to this. It is a feeling to say that the husband goes when when he likes this boiled fish and custard-like egg and vegetable dish steamed in a cup, Tekonesushi, and several months pass. Seem to call again summer ago; thank you

Because it was too good, I contribute it. I used it to be embarrassed by Ise-jingu Grand Shrine in families. In around Ise, one and the master whom much word of mouth does not have good "want to eat a delicacy this time" This is because it said と. At first, about a location, it is a certain hotel between a private house. Because was an old building, arrived; at first "did fail?"…I thought of と, but I was met and was able to check in at a warm smile of a parlormaid comfortably. The room felt the oldness, but is cared for properly, and there could not be the thing feeling unpleasant. In addition, the son of small 5 of my home which ate one meal of 2 go was satisfied with a volume perfect score very much even if dinner said anything. It is my home with many trips relatively, is really for primary schoolchildren when it is a primary schoolchild rate? There is the inn with a little volume that wants to hear plenty. Meanwhile, this dinner was considerably conscientious contents, and the son really looked glad. And it is sashimi and abalone, that the fried kid is delicious! Only with this dish, it was really good to stay. was contents to think of to be it. If is satisfied with this dish and volume very much, and the husband who is nagging to a dish is usual times; "do not already want to eat it"…I have finished eating unusually all to say what! Furthermore, probably because a dwarf at 1 year, 6 months old has slept without being able to wait to dinner; after dinner the service of the rice ball! I was very glad. Of course the breakfast was simple, too, but was able to have deliciously. Because the day before was a volume perfect score, despite rusticity, it was just right quantity. Without an elevator, you must not expect a bath and the amenity so that word of mouth of other one includes it (it is only a dryer and soap, a shampoo conditioner that there is.) It is comfortable, and spend a body towel, a lotion, the emulsion at) which you should take, a hotel cared for properly and is distinguished for both the service and the taste! ! It is a really good hotel. Besides, parlormaids become the warm feeling very kindly. In addition, it is a hotel wanting to use it by all means if I may come to Ise-jingu Grand Shrine! Thank you again for the present.

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